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About us
The Smokin' Spitfires are an eight piece soul R n B band playing original music written by our lead singer Neil Hunter. Neil, along with our trombone player Terry O'Hern were the mainstays of the Eastside Torpedoes who were one of the most popular bands ever to emerge from the North East of England. The Spitfires have carried on the Torpedoes mantle of great musicians playing original music that very quickly become classics in their own right.
The Smokin' Spitfires
Soul Band  allows us to play our favourite classic soul tunes such as Hold Back the Night, 6345789 and Soul Man. We often mix a few of these in our set but mainly these are used when we play for functions - weddings, Birthdays etc. if you wish to book the band please get in touch us via the contact page for more details.
The Bubble Foundation.
We are proud to be associated with the Bubble Foundation. Our manager, Gill Wheeldon is the Fundraising Manager and has worked tirelessly and selflessly, raising millions for the charity.
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